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For any of my non local friends that never saw the little crash I had, in honor of #TBT  here it is. Solid rear axle x invisible dip in the road x subpar driving = #riplana  It was fun while it lasted though :,) #lanadelreycecar 


  1. christopholist

    Ouch, glad you're ok but you missed the apex 😉

  2. nic4hunnit

    Don't let the insurance company see this 🙊🙈

  3. cxh_guerbear

    @nic4hunnit i only had liability so they never knew about a crash. As far as they know i just got rid of the car

  4. cxh_guerbear

    @christopholist yeah i wanted to hit the apex but i couldnt see the corner so once i saw there was no one i cut in but alas there was a dip

  5. brittanytejada

    So glad you're okay😞🤗😬

  6. smithdustin

    Double yellow lines are there for a reason. Glad you came out okay though.

  7. itssjosan


  8. 93kx250turbo

    wow.. i feel your pain

  9. avatheaero


  10. saabkid900t

    I cant believe its on video.! 😭😭😭 r.i.p.

  11. cxh_guerbear

    @saabkid900t and now you know hahaha

  12. that_driver_tyler