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Nothing better then I day with your ghoul pal👭 
#monsterhigh #mh #frankiestein #draculaura #kindmonsters #howdoyouboo #welcometomonsterhigh #dollstagram #dollphotography @monsterhigh


  1. jxxcksn

    omg this is so cuteee 😍😍

  2. eah.d0llies

    💓 ghoul pals for life

  3. thedolljunkie

    Gorgeous photo! 💗

  4. cnicoledunn_

    The eyes are a little scary but i still as always love it!

  5. hellomandaaa_

    Aww so cute😍💟

  6. _frankiefreak_

    I love that 😍

  7. my_everafter3460

    Pls liks me on follow @wydowna.spider @_frankiefan_ @caleigh611 @thedolljunkie @sarans.dolls @eah.d0llies @princesstwylaa

  8. my_everafter3460

    Pls follow me plzzzz

  9. _monsterhigh_photography


  10. mychemicalfaith.x

    Awwww. Hiw cute!

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