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  1. darinshere

    Is she custom? Lovely!

  2. kendallnutcraker

    i miss this apple

  3. son.oferos

    Omg 😍😍😍

  4. sarans.dolls

    oh my 😍😍😍 beautiful

  5. shardz.motion

    Hehe wasn't this in your 1000 subscriber special XD 😍

  6. hollyhocks01


  7. cattydollpics

    Beautiful😍😍😍 f4f?

  8. panixforthefish

    @wydowna.spider did you know that there canceling ever after high maybe not the toys but the shows done

  9. wydowna.spider

    @panixforthefish yep I did.

  10. meme._.mochi

    What is that a dildo

  11. wydowna.spider

    @bunnycynical ok?

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