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A young Carl Wilson with a very early Electric XII (note the angled spaghetti logo on the headstock) #fender #electricxii #leofender #midcentury #midcenturymodern #music #beachboys #guitar #vintageguitar #vintage #americana


  1. oldguitarguy

  2. oldguitarguy

    Buddy Merrell with possibly the same XII. Hard to see the decal. Mustang switches here, too.

  3. chrisburke


  4. mahoganyintl

    I love my Fender XII ❤️❤️❤️

  5. terry_foster

    @este.gram The prototype had the same features. There's I pic of it in my book

  6. este.gram

    Lots of interesting things going on there. Mustang-style switches, different placement of the string tree, white witch hat knobs.

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