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Omg that Highlighter tho XXX ✨✨ @lubovcosmetics follow @lubovcosmetics #lubovcosmetics 


  1. coralinelapointee

    can you do a swatch?

  2. inkxdoll


  3. keedyperestroika


  4. edynblair

    What's so funny is (as a performer working in XXX) no company or makeup artist would put highlighter like this on a performer for a scene, the like it matte! :) so pretty though

  5. j.velazquez08


  6. huntuhhh


  7. joanpatriciaa

    xxx is a porn web right? 😂

  8. ayymadyy

    dude @karlysemande

  9. sineadgilhooley




  11. crystalkaee


  12. yadirarxoxo

    @bresciaaa omg

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