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다녀올게 홍콩! 💃🏻💃🏻

다녀올게 홍콩! 💃🏻💃🏻


  1. m2_iu_59


  2. hogi_shop


  3. shinichii.kun oh really??


    @shinichii.kun hating on someone you don't even know personally and probably won't ever get acknowledged by? Yeah, you are ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

  5. immickey2506

    Mis IU your so beautiful ,charming ,kind ,gorgeous and very talented your really the best im your fan from Philippines

  6. shinichii.kun

    I know she's a whore, why did she do that eunhyuk ??


    @shinichii.kun who the hell is eunhyuk and how the hell does that make her a whore?!

  8. shinichii.kun

    You only defend a prostitute like her dog money, how to publish the image through the mistake that does not enter the brain?


    @shinichii.kun dog money? Prostitute? You're not making any sense right now 😂

  10. shinichii.kun

    However, every person who has his opinion, I said opinion and I do not care about the opinion of others (:


    @shinichii.kun is english your second language? Cause I genuinely have no idea what you're trying to say lmao


    You're not being logical, you only support eunhuk (?). Therefore you continue to bash on her without even explaining to me what she did wrong

  13. shinichii.kun I do not think it's a mistake to publish a picture of her and eunhyuk ? this is unbelievable

  14. beepsae


  15. b.a.n.o.o_sh

    @_hadis_sh_pv page dokhtare nazam

  16. _hadis_sh_pv

    @b.a.n.o.o_sh ey junm😍❤💫

  17. __marcoss

    Demasiado team Exy en esta chica @anaid_caballero

  18. anaid_caballero

    @__marcoss me morí alv 😃

  19. __marcoss

    @anaid_caballero kuinaza

  20. monkey.bachelor


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