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Loved ones are sure to ❤️appreciate Ethos' award winning topicals.  Pure healing!  Ask for Ethos #topicals at your local legal cannabis store . #musclemelt #muse #bodybuzz #topicals #gifts #heal #selfcare #medicine #works #happyholidays #newwayofcannabis #moretothisplant


  1. sophtsch

    Hey! Where can I buy these locally?

  2. ethos_innovates

    @sophtsch 👋 @agatedreams carrys our topicals 🙏👍

  3. 21stcenturyeden

    I super need to try these @ethos_innovates ! Me has achy muscles from jogging and adulting!

  4. soulofagypsy4

    I wanna try the bath fuzz one do u guys have your product down in central Washington. Having a hard time finding it around here.

  5. nicole.lunasistervintage

    @soulofagypsy4 I get it in Yakima at Sweet Relief Cannabis Company

  6. soulofagypsy4

    @nicole.lunasistervintage thank you gun much appreciated!

  7. reefrider12

    I'm a certified MMJ consultant here in Skyway & recommend your wonderful products to everyone that asks for product I believe in! Love you guys!!!

  8. ethos_innovates

    @21stcenturyeden we got you! Muscle Melt away...

  9. keti.pnw

    One of my favorite products 😍😍😍 Can't wait to use it after skiing in Caucasus mountains ❤

  10. ethos_innovates

    @soulofagypsy4 yay. Hey we all over and new stores all the time! Check out our retailer page at and ask for us at your local retailer. 🙏

  11. ethos_innovates

    @keti.jpg 👌⛷🛀🏼💕

  12. irislazz

    @ethos_innovates I'm loving this stuff! Would love to help you guys market it!