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  1. tblt_devicles

    Your sketchbook are always so pretty, they look like art books that you can buy at the store 📚 honestly I wish I could buy one 😂

  2. fulemy

    @zarienai Exactly!! That's even why I like to draw in pen and then you learn to fix ur mistakes very quickly! (Or at least for me) I remember that when I started drawing with pen I was sad bc everything I drew was crappy and wrong, then I said to myself (okay let's practice with crappy doodles till I don't get things right!" 😂 I almost did it! Still have to practice a lot tho

  3. fulemy

    @kulingile awhhh I'm so glad u like ittt ❤❤

  4. sonofseverus

    @fulemy aww I'd never expect you to sell one, they're way too valuable <3

  5. seyma_kaart

    I love your drawings, even if you show us a sneak peak of your sketchbook, it just inspires me more to draw something, thanks for that :3

  6. master_of_floof

    I must be sketchbooking wrong lol. I treat it as if everything in it must be perfect lol. I need to fill mine up more for practice <_>

  7. fulemy

    @master_of_floof aaahh waittt! You're the first one saying this and I HAVE TO SAY A THING. I started my first sketchbook like that: every single drawing had to be perfect.. but I ended up messing up everything just from the 2nd page of it ahah I just understood that sketchbooks are even called like that bc you have to sketch in it! After that first sketchbook which is awful I started practicing on my next sketchbooks and I sketched random things in it, bad or good stuff and I did good! Now I just know that it's way more fun to look at my messy sketchbooks full of bad and good doodles!

  8. fulemy

    @seyma_kaart awhh thanks to uuu ❤ I'm so happy it inspires u aaahhh

  9. master_of_floof

    @fulemy yeah. It can also help with well, improving really. Im always so stubborn when it comes to things lol, if something doesnt look good, ERASE IT, ITS AN EMBARRASSMENT OF ART, etc etc. from this point on. Ill only mess around in my sketchbook....... Maybe.... I dont have any art supplies besides micron pens and pencils which sucks too

  10. fulemy

    @tblt_devicles awhh man you make me so happy! But at the same time I feel bad bc I really can't sell them 😖 I mean there are all my improvements and all my life inside those papers hhHh goshh I swear I could make a print of each page and do a little "sketchbook" with printed pages so I hold the original one and I sell the copies 😍

  11. tblt_devicles

    @fulemy that would be awesome ! I totally understand why you want to keep them 😊

  12. pabua59

    i spy shikamaru ;)

  13. fulemy

    @muntjactail AHAHAH U SAW HIM OMG 😂😱

  14. pabua59


  15. fulemy

    @muntjactail THANK U HhhH ❤

  16. ulksyart

    Really cool year! ^^

  17. fulemy

    @ulksyart Actually it took just 3 months and 3 days 😂 but thank uuu ❤

  18. ulksyart

    XD cool 3 months and 3days then hahah. I don't know how I read it 😆😅😂

  19. ishawee_art

    Im quite surprised to see you draw on both pages! I only draw on the right page not to spoil the drawing behind.

  20. fulemy

    @_dreamgiver_ I did the same thing! Now I draw on both pages but I always pay attention to the back of the pages when I color with the black marker, I don't want to ruin the other sketches 😊

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