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This is @fierce_fury's oc 😊
I'm gonna draw something from #/fulemydrawthis soon 😊❤
#wolf #oc #sketch #doodle #ink #blackwolf


  1. jakyross98


  2. red_cinnamoon

    Amazing 😍

  3. fierce_fury

    This is absolutely amazing!!! Thanks you so much it was an honor to trade with you!!!❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  4. toofertiger

    I love this!! Its so beautiful

  5. fulemy

    @fierce_fury awhhh no problem! I'm going to wait for ur part now 💞😊

  6. fulemy

    @jakyross98 grashieeee

  7. fulemy

    @red_cinnamoon @marinamcercal @purplewoofer thank youuuuu 😊

  8. aaronrphotography

    Sweet shot! ✌🏼

  9. vixiearts

    So pretty! 😍

  10. fulemy

    @vixiearts ewwhh thank youuuu ❤😊

  11. lenixx313

    Your style is just overall very pleasing to look at *-*

  12. fulemy

    @lenixx313 awhhh I'm so glad u think so!!

  13. inkturtle

    Hey fulemy great work, I was curious to wether you use images as reference while drawing these or if you just use imagination only.

  14. fulemy

    @inkturtle I drew this from my imagionation 😊 when I use references I usually write it under the post! 😊

  15. inkturtle

    Oh ok, that's amazing man, must've taken a lot of practice, keep up the hard work 😁👍

  16. fulemy

    @inkturtle the secret is to observe as much as you can the things you want to draw 😉thank you btw 💕

  17. nephrodite.the.dragon

    I love the texture of the fur!! 😮

  18. koolbeanz__3

    The ears look so fluffy!

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