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Reykah plz don't act like a kind girl, we all know you're not 😂 
#fulemyocs #fulemyoc_reykah #oc #doodle #sketch


  1. aurastars_artstuff

    Dem wings tho

  2. fulemy

    @aurastars_artstuff ewhhh I luv wings so much eheh ❤

  3. fulemy

    @emberpanther AAHHH ❤

  4. aurastars_artstuff

    Haha XD 💙


    I feel like it'd be loads of fun to draw with you❤️️

  6. jakyross98


  7. jakyross98

    Le ali sono veramente fighe!! Le hai fatte da dio!😍❤️❤️

  8. mariliahess_starscollector

    This is sooooo nice! 💙💙💙😆

  9. fulemy awhh I would freakin love to draw with u and even other people that I met on instagram and do sort of a big drawing party at home OMG😍😭😭

  10. fulemy

    @jakyross98 awhhhh grashieeee ma più che altro me piace quello che c'ho scritto ahah "Reykah per favore, non ti comportare come una ragazza gentile, lo sappiamo tutti che non lo sei" 😂

  11. jakyross98



    I wish 😍

  13. koolbeanz__3

    WINGS! OML there amazing!

  14. cat_the_fanatic

    Such beautiful winnnngos, also the hair looks too cool

  15. bachoi.arts

    Yooooo!!! This be pretty af

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