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Little sketch for @jabburwocky 😊💕
#fulemydrawthis #pet #cute #sketch #doodle


  1. luciusandchara.exe

    Awaw! ADORO i furetti!

  2. tikonaartz

    Aw cute

  3. cloudshark


  4. masterwolf_draws

    How adorable!

  5. bb8_fruitcake

    I love ferrets C: this is such an adorable sketch ^.^

  6. blur_the_artist

    Awhhhhh it's so cute!

  7. kerlanne_

    Awaa reposer en paix mes louloutte ! 👅💗🔥

  8. bacontale

    Omgggggggg is this a ferret?? I have one and this Art is so ADORABLE IMDYINGGGG😍😍😍💖🐾💖🐾💖🐾

  9. nephrodite.the.dragon

    Awwwww!! Ferrets are so cute!

  10. jabburwocky

    AHHH OH MY GOD ITS HOBBITSES <3 Thank you so much! This caught me completely by surprise! I love it so much thank you <3

  11. fulemy

    @bacontale aawwwhhh💕💕

  12. fulemy

    @jabburwocky I'm glad you like it!!

  13. bacontale

    @fulemy 💖💖💖🐾

  14. mvitchiel

    love love love

  15. babywolfz

    So cute!

  16. 1silverfire1

    💕💕💕💕it looks so much like my ferret oml the fantastic art💕💕💕💕

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