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Still gotta fix everything😅
BUT I have to do my homework bc school is about to start 😔
#lynx #feline #bigcat #cintiq #wacom #wip #doodle #sketch


  1. tikonaartz


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  3. riy_art

    Wooow love it 😍😍😍😍

  4. bylilyclark

    Sooooo good

  5. katya_ekaterina99


  6. chromatophoric

    Looks awesome!!

  7. bridgetpavalow


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  9. kita_yami_ookami

    Still pro !!

  10. ftamaki

    I like this very much.

  11. drentwett

    the flow of your hand is so beautiful! 😍 the movement of the lines is very lovely.

  12. s.okaina

    it's looking great so far!! you should definitely make your schoolwork a top priority, though 👌🏻

  13. nephrodite.the.dragon

    Ugh I hate homework 😑

  14. tintinula

    You really manage to let the lines follow the shape, the structure goes delicately along with the volume of the object. Your lines have an energy, it's very good. Come visit my side and see what I do ! Pleeaseeee take also a quick look at the older ones. I got from there to tattoing, so my work got more and more inspired by old school tattooing art. Hope you like what you find on my side, I normally don't write such comments, I just want to show you mine bc yours is very appealing to me and you seem to be a nice person :^)

  15. _xlux

    @fulemy Would u help me pls? I was thinking that in some time I could start digital art, would you please recommend me which tablet is for that or what program or pen, I have no idea about that and I can't start something if I don't know much about it, so I was pretending you if you don't mind to give some information about digital art, thank u!

  16. fulemy

    @xlux6766 Sure I can! Well if you're getting started I suggest you to buy a cheap one as the Wacom Intuos one (I started with it too) it works really well but you need a computer bc you watch the screen while you draw on the tablet. If you want the screen then I suggest you a Wacom Cintiq 13HD but I think it's better to start with an Intuos so if you don't like digital art you haven't wasted too much 😊 hope it helps ya!

  17. _xlux

    @fulemy thank you !!! It helped a lot, I'll take that on point, tysm!!

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