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Scheminnnn #theweeknd #kendalljenner #kuwtk #selenagomez


  1. ameysheikh

    In before selenators be like "this proves selena is sexier and sweeter and everything than all those models" lmao

  2. andreamelo95


  3. dilettacarlesso

    Damn i prefer Bella so so so much

  4. duitbae

    @aycaelis herşey burda başladı....

  5. younggirldilan_

    This must be a fucking joke, Selena really?? 😂😂

  6. stay_golden_416

    The girl in the right bottom corner is about to give it to him . lol

  7. tonyswizzy


  8. jisforjosie

    @aireberry I forgot this happened lol

  9. gabbyblay26

    He look like he don't wanna be there

  10. gabi_balmeida

    @nabelico o começo de tudo, talvez...

  11. greciahoenall

    Wtf 🤔 that's disgusting @my_vibe_416

  12. desireelikewhat


  13. meirenwei


  14. one_good_apple

    Gigi, top left 🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄

  15. one_good_apple

    @dilettacarlesso but it's not what u prefer, it's what he prefers...

  16. dilettacarlesso

    can i explane my opinion? @one_good_apple

  17. nabelico

    @gabi_balmeida o olhar a da Ambrósio... hahaha

  18. aireberry

    Omgosh!!!me too!! @jisforjosie

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