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Funny how they had a fight and "broke up" do you believe now that it was fake and all for the show.... btw Chyna has no dignity at all, she's living in the house of her baby daddy/ex fiances new girlfriend all to say she lives in a nicer house. Who does that......#kyliejenner #tyga #keepingupwiththekardashians #jenners #kardashians #boobjob #kimkardashian #kimk #kourtneykardashian #khloekardashian #kyga #kuwtk #robandchyna #kanyewest


  1. pelaja_mubua

    #barbie .paradise thing is , you know all these facts are true AF but you choose to ignore them hoping that you would wake up one day and find that they were all lies .

  2. fakekardash_jenners

    @getlashedbyblacchyna lmao bye

  3. fakekardash_jenners

    @blacchynarmy 20 minutes that literally wasn't even 10 minutes and I was replying to them for entertainment because I'm bored lmao. Stay kissing chynas ass sis

  4. melanindiamonds

    You do know chyna lives in her own house right?😂😂 plus it was a stunt for the show..ok? You mad?😂😂😂

  5. melanindiamonds

    @hannahmvillegas omg you feel bad? Well they're good😂😂

  6. fakekardash_jenners

    @chynasuniverse that's funny cuz she just posted on snap today walking into the house( Kylie's) and it's been said there moving there to be closer to kris

  7. melanindiamonds

    @fakekardash_jenners yea rob still lives in that house but chyna lives in her own house😂😂 I don't go off of what tmz and the shade room says boo😭

  8. fakekardash_jenners

    @chynasuniverse I don't give a shit about tmz or shaderoom lmao. But ok think what you want

  9. melanindiamonds

    "It's been said" "it's been said" she when you get information that's not from a blog website...holla at me *keke palmer voice*😂😂😂

  10. melanindiamonds

    You obviously do if you listen to blogs and "what's been said" well it's also been said that the world was ending in 2012 and it's 2017 and we're still here 😂😂😂😂

  11. fakekardash_jenners

    @chynasuniverse when did I say it's been said?

  12. melanindiamonds

    "It's been said there moving there to be closer to kris"🤔and you mean "they're" BUT now that I see that you're a "it's been said" type of gal 😭I'm not doin thissss

  13. adaobihair_

    Side note: she kind of looks like Kim here 🙄

  14. jhixn___

    If you watched the show you'll see that she didn't want to live there. She didn't want to move out of her house. Rob wasn't comfortable in her house and she wasn't comfortable in Rob's house. I understand that it's a fucked up situation but you're wrong for this post. I'm not hating , I just think you should get it right.

  15. iamyedidyah

    I don't watch none of these shows, but from what i understand if Chyna pimping the whole clan, THAT'S GANGSTA!! If she got the new bih paying for her house? gtfo...take notes 😉

  16. zerotolerancepolicy

    She is living with kylie?!?! 😂😂😂😷😂😷😷😷😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 these people are crazy. I can't wait to see them all burning in hell. 🔥 Just think...we can go visit and taunt them there. Good times 😁

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