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It's time to find your ratio. 
Introducing the newest members of the Ethos family of brands: 2-1 and 5-1 CBD/THC water based tinctures. 
2-1 (200mg CBD / 100mg THC)

5-1 (250mg CBD / 50mg THC)

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  1. cynth17

    How much are these? I don't see any prices?

  2. suzyohs

    Very cool!

  3. valetboyzshow

    love from thevaletboyz (and girl) πŸ’‹

  4. azcaddyguy


  5. cannaplanners


  6. liftedvt


  7. csiegwarth


  8. divineadventure

    Your products are saving me following a severe whiplash and concussion. Gratitude!

  9. potandpups

    Any chance of a 1:1? Maybe in a spray? Soooo hyped about these!!!

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