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I don't know about you but I think I mess up the hair a bit. Probably I over did it? Haha. . . . 
Btw I am referencing @bagfryzack
. A talented fellow artist that I had been following for a while. He made really cute and silly stuff. Like a space Llama and a cute sun in a jar. ****** #reference #referencedrawing #practice #cute #chibi #copic #micron #colouring #doodlescratch #doodle #illustration #drawings #traditional #art #cartoon


  1. cerolian

    Tak laa. Okay je, tak mess up memana pon hehe

  2. zyraroxx

    Perfecttt 😣😣

  3. paperhafiy

    @cerolian sbb aku buat based on a person. Of which now aku baru realize aku tak mention who. Hahahaha

  4. paperhafiy

    @irishinkers thanks and right back to you. Your works are awesome too

  5. paperhafiy

    @zyraroxx oh now Im blushing

  6. bagfryzack

    Whoaoaooa! This is so cool! Mind if I repost?

  7. paperhafiy

    @bagfryzack sure no problem man πŸ‘Œ

  8. nikeyze

    U doin great with markers :^)))))) now i miss my markers lol

  9. paperhafiy

    @nikeyze but you doing great in everything art though

  10. khairuddinyaakub

    Power la hafiy πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘

  11. afifslim

    I think the hair is fine. Neway, new signature ke? Haha i loike

  12. paperhafiy

    @afifslim new signature? Tak kot. Im mself not sure if I have found my style yet.

  13. afifslim

    @paperhafiy x mksd aku signature yg ko sign for ur artworks

  14. paperhafiy

    @afifslim oh haah. Yes. Itu akan jd little signiture aku. Mula2 aku keep putting DS but this one is more appealing bg aku.

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