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  1. murtaza14plus

    The 300 rupee extortion is shameful. You people are worse than the colonialist masters. This mall should be boycotted.

  2. taniamunir

    @murtaza14plus lol you can redeem those 250-300 you know that right?

  3. murtaza14plus

    @taniamunir you must be one of those plastic butterfly from F or E sectors of Islamabad. They should extort this humiliating 300 from you too, I will see how genially you respond then. Plastic butterflies like you feel entitled I know.

  4. taniamunir

    @murtaza14plus calm down buddy I don't live in any of the sectors you've mentioned. You can get the money back so I don't get why you've got such a temper here. Sure why not lol I won't mind if I get it back use your head you get a major chunk of it back.... Please stop using derogatory language I'm sure you have a mother and sister at home too

  5. murtaza14plus

    @taniamunir My mother and sister have nothing to do with this discussion. I know how you girls defend this criminal elitism. BTW I have a work card that shields me from this extortion. So I am free to window shop and eve tease(supposedly) because I work in a certain institution. I went there once and showed my card, they let me in, but thereafter I boycotted the Mall and I will continue to speak out against this criminal elitism. #boycotcentaurus