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Photo by: @danzig_7thhouse 
In my opinion, the best Misfits lineup!- Evilive #misfits #themisfits #glenndanzig #jerryonly #bobbysteele #joeyimage #horrorbusiness #nightofthelivingdead #beware #1978 #1979 #fiendclub #138 #theundead @danzig_7thhouse @theundeadband @joeyimage69


  1. danzig_7thhouse

    FANGS for the shout out!

  2. misfitsfiendcrypt

    No opinion about it, that's a fact; I do wish we had more live stuff to compare though, especially with pre-78 line ups. All the early line ups were probably pretty comparable up to a few months after Doyle joined and they just started being sloppy; those shows may have been brutal and intense but the musicianship can't compare to anything pre-1980.

  3. johnpnada

    One of the best pictures I've seen of them. 😎

  4. detbundy

    it'd be great if you could raise awareness for joey's cancer fund for the 40 year anniversary. i asked a few weeks ago and so far nothing's been said about it. it would mean a lot!!

  5. johnnyhiwatt

    @wearethefiendclub truth on the lineup.

  6. pitviper731

    I've never seen this before!! Looks like NYC so awesome.

  7. aceyslade

    What a great shot!

  8. aceyslade

    @pitviper731 it actually looks like 190 Bowery in NYC. It's kind of a famous place for graffiti and street art not far from CBS. @kevinrcwilson ?

  9. aceyslade

    @kevinwilsonnyc ?

  10. pitviper731

    @aceyslade I know where you're talking about i think. Next time you're down there look at the little stencil on the sidewalk in front of the old CB's I noticed it last year and loved it.

  11. 1974bwm

    We walk these streets at night, we go where eagles DARE!

  12. alexinnewyorkcity

    Actually, this was shot in the West Village, on Washington Street near Bethune (close to the photographer's studio)

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