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A little bang trim and I'm feeling fabulous for my chiropractor appointment. Lol. I like wearing very minimal makeup on a day to day basis. Just moisturizer, concealer, cream blush cream highlighter, mascara, and a smudge of a sheer red lippie for me today. #unfilteredbeauty #nofilters #makeupartist #makeup #idahomakeupartist #spokanemakeupartist #seattlemakeupartist


  1. jurgaskei

    Great post!

  2. racheljordanbeauty

    @jurgaskei thank you!

  3. tracylimakeup

    Cute! I didn't realize you were in Spokane

  4. racheljordanbeauty

    @tracylimakeup I will be soon. Still in the South Sound area for a couple months.