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I don't want to let you go! #oregon #coast #cannonbeach #iloveyou #ocean #salt #motherearth


  1. mrsgabrielladunn

    @timbeekids ❤always ❤

  2. ms.namashay

    Your dress!!! 😻I've been all about the florals!! So sweet😹

  3. nancytucci

    Ok, how do u have so many cute dresses on the trip?

  4. chloe___hall

    How is this even real??? You guys are too perfect.

  5. mrsgabrielladunn

    @namashaybae thank you ❤❤❤❤

  6. mrsgabrielladunn

    @nancytucci thank you Nancy ❤ I got this dress from @shoppinkblush 🤗

  7. mrsgabrielladunn

    @chloe___hall I love you❤

  8. megan__olson

    Omg this picture

  9. mrsgabrielladunn

    @megan__olson ❤

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