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Repost from @dianafranjieh. Thank you for sharing this adorable boomerang with us! We're so glad you enjoyed your Kiehl's experience! #KiehlsLebanon  Time for a routine CHANGE! 💥💥 Turns out I have a Normal- Oily Skin// Dr. Bones here recommended for me the "Iris Extract Activating Treatment Essence" and a whole bunch of other products💆🏼🎈 BUT the most important Tip💡// Hydrate, Protect and Take Care of your skin! I think we should all invest in our skin like we invest on a whole bunch of other things🤦🏼‍♀️🛍 Head to out to Kiehl's stands at ABC Dbayeh or Achrafieh for a FREE SKIN CONSULTATION + SAMPLES based on your skin types☄️💕 P.S: Mr.Bones raged out when he knew I didn't good care of my skin but eventually understood my reason which was that I'm a PHARMACY STUDENT 💊😂 More on 👻/ DianaFranjieh cc: @kiehlslebanon @michellejabbour @theartyculture #PharmacyStudentProblems  #SkinCare  #Kiehls  #KiehlsLebanon 


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