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Non Surgical Jawline Reduction creates a heart-shaped more youthful facial appearance & reduces pain associated with TMJ 💉 Botox in masseter muscles ~40-50 units 😳 minimal discomfort ⏰30 min in office treatment


  1. anushhairdesign


  2. karen_tru

    I wish you were closer to me!

  3. jcabinmd


  4. skin_ovation

    I suffer from tmj and I'm so glad to see this. I need to know more

  5. nurseashleybh

    @skin_ovation hi yessss come in! I'd love to chat and help you :) dm me if u have questions too xoxo

  6. princess_giamia05

    Could this help with a slightly uneven jawline?

  7. nurseashleybh

    @princess_giamia05 hi! If your asymmetry is caused by the masseter muscle, then yes! I would have to asses you in person to say for sure :) xoxo

  8. cocochanelhood


  9. glamarisrn


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