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Finished my Thor piece just in time for @supanovaexpo with @chrishemsworth

Finished my Thor piece just in time for @supanovaexpo with @chrishemsworth


  1. ishhythehomie

    That looks cool

  2. comicsanddesign

    @marvel make this one of the official posters!

  3. luv2bhated_ink

    Dayum I wanna print this on a shirt and walk around looking tuff lol

  4. defalahramadhan3011

    What editing software did you use?

  5. the.eximo.project

    So impressive

  6. bosslogic

    @thatbrandikid this weekend

  7. metalgryphon

    GoT= God of Thunder!

  8. thisisbrits

    May I ask what programs or equipment you use?

  9. lipari22

    Can I buy one!? @bosslogic

  10. benjaminwerkelin

    @eliasringbom nägon har ju för fan målat av dig

  11. heartist10


  12. _berm_

    Wow!!! As always, amazing work!!

  13. bailey.b1

    @bosslogic what are some accounts on instagram that do the same stuff as you?

  14. brennanprochnow

    Nice work @bosslogic

  15. esarahardian_

    what if you make it look like logan? @bosslogic

  16. moomoo_seck03

    He looks like Deimos , Krato's brother

  17. aadhav_parker

    King arthur plzzzzz

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