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😍 1/12 scale synthetic human from @1000toys is here!!!!! #1000toys #heavyindustry #synthetichuman  #toys #robots #design #toydesign


  1. wolfpits

    @primitivepainters yes the body Chana are rad! People use them as sculpting bases all the time to make figures

  2. wolfpits

    @primitivepainters I need to look them up asap haha

  3. wolfpits

    @mirei_toys πŸ˜πŸ€“

  4. primitivepainters

    Wanna dress up Sleeping Muse 2, you know?

  5. primitivepainters

    They're not sculpted like this and they look cheap (I think their technically for drawing) but they're featureless and pretty scary looking and I always want one

  6. primitivepainters

    Have you seen those body chan things

  7. m.eye.chael

    I've always wanted to sculpt a toy like that and make clothes for it but these nimble fingers are not at the skill level of 4000 point articulation yet 😝 haha you should paint him up like the cyborg ninja from metal gear solid 2? I think it's 2

  8. wolfpits

    @mirei_toys it is beautiful. So glad I preordered this! I might paint him up a little

  9. m.eye.chael