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Introducing Atlas, "Bearer of the Heavens", because every adventurer needs a buddy!  #girlswhohike #puppy #puppiesofinstagram #hiking


  1. gavalanch

    Cute ears!!

  2. earthly_diaries

    Omg such a cutie!!! 😍😭

  3. cervo_co


  4. fort.stanwix.nps


  5. kate_fs

    Omg so cute!!

  6. kimbermendoza

    @lauriecordell he's a cutie! And essentially a mix !

  7. kimbermendoza

    @kristiphew he is so fluffy and friendly. The newest Rice puppy 🐢

  8. kimbermendoza

    @heretolinger thank you!! 🐢

  9. kimbermendoza

    @cheetah_345 HIKING BUDDY βœ…, now to find myself some Canadian mountains!

  10. kimbermendoza

    @amira_nas he's so fluffy!!

  11. kimbermendoza

    @prettygood4agirl thank you!! He's a cutie!

  12. kristiphew

    Omg this is adorable

  13. lauriecordell

    So cute! Love the ears. What kind is it?

  14. heretolinger

    Cuuuuute! Congrats!

  15. cheetah_345

    OMGGGGGGG 😱😱😱😱❀️

  16. amira_nas


  17. prettygood4agirl

    So adorable!!!

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