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Another fun little project! Any Popples fans out there??? This little one will also be available for adoption this Saturday! #popples #popple #vintagetoy #vintagelove #80s #cute #furry #critters #furries #kawaii #fantasyart #fantasy #fantasyanimal #colorful #color #cheerful #toyartistry #dollstagram #dolls #polymerclay #artsy #artdoll #etsyshop #etsyseller #etsymom #etsysellersofinstagram #handmade #handmadedoll


  1. dreammy013

    I still have some

  2. shilodotca

    Yesss! Please make Pretty Cool Popple! He was my favorite!!!

  3. la_hyene_laineuse

    Fabulous 😍😍😍😍

  4. dragonsandbeasties

    Agggh I totally had a pink Popple back in the day! This is adorable 💕

  5. silver.tail.crafts

    Yes! I love Popples, still got my purple one. Your Poppld is beautiful 💖💖💖

  6. noni2fi

    I love Popples! I remember watching them with my oldest daughter when she was little. I knew what your little critter was the second I saw it. Too cute!

  7. xkiyah

    Ommmmmgggg BEEEEST EVVVRR

  8. kaylyantle

    @_emilyantle if I don't get this I might die

  9. bizzarro_toys

    Loved the Popples! Cute work!

  10. princess_kitana3

    I'd forgotten all about Popples! 💜

  11. bookworm_treasures

    awwww a Popple!!!! I still have mine from childhood, I love her she hides in a padded yellow pouch :D

  12. namasteclay16

    😂😱😍💕💕💕💕 love this!

  13. kashiroozz

    Please do some Steven Universe characters eventually?? Omfg they would look GOALS in your figures 😂

  14. indigowanderlust89

    Omg I still have this same popples!! 😍😍💙

  15. pheebalino


  16. moniki760

    I love my popple!!!!

  17. lindsocolo

    I was absolutely crazy about Popples! 💕💕

  18. biancaslittlecorner

    With all these back into the past features ever thought of a Rainbow Brite (i remember watching that) themed one :D? Anyone else ever think when seeing He-Man and She-Ra and all that stuff now, how we managed to watch such cheesy cartoons ?

  19. biancaslittlecorner

    On that note Carebears gone Fillies ?

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