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I am so behind with this #inkramadan thing. Haha 😢 I am not even sure I can't make it in time now. 
#doodlescratch #comic #traditional #micron #behind #slow


  1. tn_afeb

    Ciyok fi caiyok! Ganbateh! Aja aja

  2. cerolian

    You can do it! I know you can 👊

  3. nash_shahri


  4. diyanarahim_

    You cam do it !

  5. diyanarahim_

    *can... sobs

  6. a_azraei

    Please finish it up.. u know people find it is interesting comic to read for Ramadhan.. good knowledge sharing on your side.. even for non muslim to learn from it..

  7. paperhafiy

    @cerolian @nash_shahri @diyanarahim_ @a_azraei thanks guys, saya akan cuba kejar semampu saya. Huhu

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