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@kokomotoys has the Man-Thing wave! Hurry, they are going quick #marvellegends #marvellegendscommunity #marvellegendscollector @dewdawgreviews @solitary_egg


  1. knights_of_midland

    @solitary_egg Where you live homie?

  2. solitary_egg

    @knights_of_midland england, bud

  3. thechampine

    Just grabbed a few 😎

  4. mitchbb1982


  5. bigbossartco


  6. jacksonjr.maurice

    Just ordered Daredevil. Good looking out

  7. goldenbeard427

    Thanks for posting!!! Grabbed my daredevil, Elektra and punisher!! Too bad he didn't have Jessica jones..

  8. knights_of_midland

    @goldenbeard427 Man they are going quick! Jessica was on there earlier today

  9. knights_of_midland

    @jacksonjr.maurice For sure 👍 I snagged a DD too

  10. goldenbeard427

    @knights_of_midland oh man.. hopefully they get more...

  11. knights_of_midland

    I've seen em restock before, maybe due to popular demand they'll order some more @goldenbeard427

  12. ridicurous_rob

    lol I got my Chun Li from them... very professional

  13. mikey.mav

    @freshtoysandcollectibles One batch, two batch, penny and dime... Get ready

  14. hero.collections

    @solitary_egg have you tried kapow toys or in demand toys in the U.K.?

  15. solitary_egg

    @hero.collections i like kapow toys but i dont think theyd have it yet.

  16. hero.collections

    @solitary_egg both kapow and id toys have the cases up for preorder and separate pre orders for daredevil and punisher, due at the end of the month / start of next month

  17. solitary_egg

    @hero.collections ill check it out, thanks bud

  18. kokomotoys

    All shipped out today. Enjoy!

  19. knights_of_midland

    @kokomotoys 🔥👍😎🎉

  20. bdoneartist

    Oh never mind haha

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