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These shocks are about to take flight flight to Australia! Heading your way Bill @riceracingatv 
#motowoz #motowozofficial #MX #ATV #racing #australia #landdownunder🇦🇺


  1. riceracingatv

    Thanks guys as always! Awesome shocks

  2. superslow620

    What do a set of these run for a trx450 long travel 20"? Been really wanting to sell off my Elka's and make the switch!

  3. motowoz_official

    @riceracingatv Thanks for the support!

  4. motowoz_official

    @superslow620 Awesome! There is PDF on our website with all of the pricing info. Check that out, and if you have any further question let us know 👍

  5. _localboyclay


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