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A friends grandfathers oil paints....I love looking at other artists supplies. Although I never met him, it tells a story and makes me wonder what kind of art they painted? What was their life like? Art can have this ability to make you feel happy, I like to think of him that way, especially seeing such a well used art box. #thoughts #art #artist #artsupplies #vintageartsupplies #oldpaint #paint #paintbox #painting #oilpaint


  1. houseofwatercolor

    Exactly! It makes you wonder which color was his favorite? What subject did he prefer? How did he like to see the world? 🎨✨

  2. createthecut

    @houseofwatercolor yes!! Exactly my thoughts. 🙌

  3. ashleynchl

    This is incredible! This whole box of supplies is art, itself.

  4. createthecut

    @ashleynchl so true! ☺️

  5. wicksflorist

    Great picture!! Check out our small business for some inspiration!!

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