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#昭和記念公園 #showakinenpark #チューリップ #tulips #東京 #tokyo #4月 #april


  1. repxu

    Oh how I miss the park :(

  2. waodehanifah

    Like I miss you, dear @repxu ❤️ ❤️ nice to see your photo with alouni and the others..

  3. repxu

    😍 wish that I can come back there visitting you guys 😭

  4. nurul_ksari

    Tukang fotonya keren..fotonya bagus2 😊

  5. waodehanifah

    @repxu sure, but please before 2019. Hehe

  6. waodehanifah

    @nurul_ksari Alhamdulillah, yg ada modelnya belum dikeluarin nih.. di fb aja yah

  7. repxu

    He he I hope so :)