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It would have been awesome to see him in any of these roles (imagine Jensen as Mr Grey!!) but I'm glad he felt so happy in his current role as Dean that he decided to stay and continue making SPN .
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  1. marenpfe

    Omg @_honey_box

  2. kiera.r.nile

    I feel like this is false

  3. supernatural.jerk.bitch

    @kiera.r.nile He confirmed the first two himself but the Marvel roles were rumoured (although legitimate sources said it was true)

  4. kiera.r.nile

    Okay but why would he turn down those roles? I mean that could have been (I wanna say his big break but that was supernatural) but it could have been his bigger break and he could have gotten a lot more money to it just doesn't make any sense to me

  5. hopelessdean

    @kiera.r.nile to him the money doesn't really matter, he enjoys Supernatural and it matters what makes him happy

  6. sumeebegum

    @zoyaaaaah love him!! 😭

  7. kiera.r.nile

    @hopelessdean okay but what's next for him? The show is ending soon (last season) what's he gonna do next?? I didn't mean any hate either

  8. hopelessdean

    @kiera.r.nile lmao where'd you hear that? it's not the last season, Jared and Jensen said it's just another milestone and they've said multiple times that as long as we keep watching they'll keep making

  9. zoyaaaaah

    @sumeebegum He's hot😍

  10. lauranoventa

    @angela_bernini eh già

  11. annaroever

    @sarah_fenchel 😍 but he stayed

  12. sarah_fenchel

    @annaroever yeah but you have to admit he would be awesome as deadpool!

  13. annaroever

    @sarah_fenchel whatsapp ➡️

  14. cjmares598


  15. mara.stoica

    Im gonna choke

  16. mara.stoica

    50 shades ???

  17. johnandmaryhusbandandwife


  18. johnandmaryhusbandandwife

    I dont wanna say it, but I think he will be Hollywood famous when spn ends one day. and them we can say we have known him before he went world famous! :D

  19. _.crown_of_thorns._

    Yeahhh his dedication for SPN is unbelievably heart touching! It's his family after all!!! "Family doesn't end with blood boy."

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