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Ok guys, here's the male.  He was supposed to have an attitude, but I handled him for 15 min tonight and he wasn't bad at all.  A little unused to being handled so never sit still, but not aggressive at all. #reticulatedpython #piedreticulatedpython #breeding #snakes #snakesofinstagram


  1. loren_morales

    Be patient 😂

  2. toddthesnakeman

    @loren_morales tell me about him. :). I get to play with them for a couple of weeks till Jimmy's cages get here and set up

  3. toddthesnakeman

    @loren_morales I heard he was a bad ass, and would lunge at your face every time. :), he still small enough, but the 12 foot tiger male I am working with is not so small lol