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Somewhat golden like the afternoons.

Somewhat golden like the afternoons.


  1. sherivaks

    that is a really cute shot!

  2. lizpetersonliz

    @sherivaks Shoot me your email and I'll send you the full resolution one and some shots! Thanks for modeling. I had so much fun!!

  3. lizpetersonliz

    @_tomborges 😝 I tagged your jacket!

  4. _tomborges

    @lizpetersonliz shoulda tagged @paintedponyvintage 🤠😉 hahaha

  5. imarksthespot

    Love it Liz, really cool vibe to it

  6. mkc8b

    Love the quote! One of my favorite albums 🙌🏻 Image is great 👌🏻

  7. thatgirlnamedbean

    This is a great shot!!

  8. lizpetersonliz

    @mkc8b Your Favorite Weapon is full of great one liners. Are you catching them on tour this fall?

  9. max.starr

    Keep it up

  10. lizpetersonliz

    @max.starr Thanks Max! ✨

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