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Mothers suffer and cry for days when their babies are taken away after around 1 day old. This is happening to calves as you read this all over the world, including the UK. It is standard to place them into small hutches and keep them this way until they are 8 weeks old. They have no physical contact with any of their own kind. Once they outgrow these, the males are killed for veal and the females are grown on to become like their own exhausted mothers. This involves artificial insemination (rape?) then will go on to have multiple calves removed so that humans can drink their milk. Cows usually live 25 years, but because they are so damaged from breeding and living such difficult lives they are killed at around 5 years old and their bodies sold. Their bodies usually end up as cheap flesh for meat and pet food. Consider who you pay at the checkout. Repost from @milkhurts #milkhurts  #milk  #dairy  #dairyisscary  #mylk  #veal  #vegetarian  #vegan  #cows  #cheese  #animals  #farm  #animalwelfare  #animalcruelty  #burgers  #ditchdairy  @londonveganactions @torontocowsave @thesavemovement @jasperwilkins @laura.cramsie @vegangorilla @badassvegan @animalagricultureclimatechange @heidi.bug @animal_welfare_party_uk @animals.are.important


  1. stephaniegreatorex

    It bloody kills me every day to see what we are doing to our fellow earthlings

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    ๐Ÿ˜ญ effing SICKENING