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Sending love from around the world ❤️❤️ #prayforbarca #uniteasone 📷 @ianharper_


  1. rachellelynchhassan

    Such a beautiful place, so sad

  2. kaitlynknoll

    The world is in a scary place :/

  3. movingwinnie

    Sigh..... when can human stop hating

  4. cbradbery

    Sad this is such a different lay out 🙏🏻

  5. lillapalacsik

    I can't believe it, so sad😞

  6. salhassanfitness

    Such a horrible thing

  7. tabtraveller

    @travelmints there's been a terror attack in Barcelona

  8. travelmints

    Can someone fill me in 😳

  9. travelling_notebook

    What's happening to this world! 😔

  10. kristiekov

    Wow this shot. So sad 😭

  11. the_bohotraveller

    Same here ❤️ praying for Barcelona

  12. angie.aroundtheworld

    Praying for Barcelona and the rest of the world 😓

  13. breakfastpiggy

    Such a tragic occurrence- the world is one ball of confusion and stupid things happen 😥 all we can do is pray that people are safe 💕🐷

  14. cheerstoadventure_

    ❤️❤️ praying for the world