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This is exactly what I want for breakfast right now with a nice cup of tea as always. #blueberries with #pancakes 
Pic credit:#pinterest .
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    I cannot tell you how good these look 😍🙌🏻

  2. deidrebell121

    Wow sooo yummy! Well done!

  3. bellythebeast

    That stack of pancakes is the what we all want for breakfast!

  4. foodologysf

    That's a beautiful stack!

  5. jubsyjubz

    @foodologysf I know

  6. miamigirlfoodie

    Yummy this looks so amazing. I'm going to make pancakes for breakfast now hahaha

  7. views.n.foods

    Those look like perfect pancakes!

  8. aplaneticketandreservations

    Omg those stacks of pancakes got me hungry

  9. willwanderforfood

    That's like the perfect stack!!

  10. christieathome


  11. a_la_tiff

    This is perfectly pictured!!

  12. taratastessf

    Such perfect pancakes!!

  13. tinastastytravels

    did you make this?! i'm so impressed!

  14. emilyjtruax

    Love the colors! So yummy

  15. jubsyjubz

    @emilyjtruax thank you 😊

  16. koenleeuwis

    Looks delicious 😋

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