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Coolest product ever ! Just discovered this  awesome new  lip Liner by #givenchy called Universal noir revelateur lip liner ..... The coolest thing ever ! I'm all about that pouty lip and this totally helped achieved that ! It's black and then adjusts to your skin tone! So it creates a shadow contouring your lips to emphasize your pout ! Ummmmmm YES !  #poutylip #plump #lipcontour #newproduct #lovethis #totallyworthit #shutupandtakemymoney #sephora #redlips


  1. alsoastrid

    Where did you get it??

  2. kmwinkler

    @alsoastrid sephora ! It's brand new !

  3. alsoastrid

    @kmwinkler investing!

  4. mpotrie

    So Freya likes looking at Instagram with me and she said "ooh I like those lips, can we buy that and share it" she loves borrowing my lip stick. 😀

  5. kmwinkler

    @mpotrie hahaha that's so cute !