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My circle started here. Now it widens daily. None of us can do it alone, it takes a community. #specialneedsmom #family #changelives


  1. simply_sassy_mama

    This is sooo cute!!!

  2. rainynightcottage

    So true. ❤ love that your baby girl is looking back at mama. So cute. 🌟

  3. joilfullife

    @simply_sassy_mama Thank you!! It took a lot to get this picture. See Williams dirt covered jeans? Dirt to play in is so more fun than pictures!😂🤣

  4. joilfullife

    @rainynightcottage Thank you! She's a momma girl :)

  5. ohthereyouaredotcom

    So sweet 💕

  6. simply_sassy_mama

    @joilfullife always more fun!!

  7. twigandblossoms

    Such a precious picture! I'm a big believer that we all need a village.