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#SmallBusinessSunday goes to one of my big brother figures Drew. It's not that he has his own business, but that he has his doctorate 👨‍⚕️ before 29 and its about celebrating that. How many people can say that? If you need physical therapy or rehab, this is your guy. He knows what he's doing. #Business #Networking #physicaltherapy #doctorate #Blackanddegreed #Congratulations #chiropractor


  1. pre5ident

    Appreciate it bro #ThreeStripeLife 

  2. akabri


  3. mrpayne43

    @pre5ident very live man

  4. chisengu

    Great page

  5. princetonmarcellis

    he was one of the first guys i met at UNT! Orientation haha! Tell him i said wussup

  6. mrpayne43

    @princetonmarcellis lol I got you

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