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Barcelona fans right now 😂

Barcelona fans right now 😂


  1. chemolowski

    Se queda @_rogerox 😂😂😝

  2. _wilson_74

    Now that's a team

  3. _wilson_74

    Expect for the guy in the left no idea who that is

  4. ralphy_0102

    Perfect example of us as fans hating the shit out of some players when they themselves don't care and get along lol @rtorres9

  5. newaccashik.kawfar

    @marco.b.0 @aurelnef

  6. tubagussakti

    Tenang ada pacho alcacer @aryoharyadi

  7. aryoharyadi

    @tubagussakti *paco

  8. aimandnial

    @naqib.imrn @khai.ul

  9. omid._.dehghani


  10. muhadjies


  11. jon_caushaj

    Whos the guy in the far left

  12. alialjanabi_


  13. rleafrojan

    this one is the bullshit manager

  14. rleafrojan

    barcelona manager just a shit

  15. jr.20527

    @jon_caushaj Douglas you idiot

  16. jr.20527

    @omid._.dehghani go lick you're idols ass kid. I can tell you dick ride him alot

  17. jon_caushaj

    @jr.20527 you call me an idiot for not knowing a shit player who hasnt even played 5 games for barca

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