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📍Frankie Lucy #ube #ubeupsidedownpie #bukopandanflan #ubebrownie #SoCal #LA


  1. rogue_marvel80

    I'd like the stuff/food in the 4th pic. Thanks I work Wednesday, Thursday and Friday.

  2. gee_itsme

    @rogue_marvel80 Hahahaha you #craygirl 

  3. marifel926

    How was it? You guys should try Baked in Ontario.

  4. gee_itsme

    @marifel926 it was good. I like all the ube stuff. The buko pandan was okay. I'll have to try that place, is it also a fusion type of dessert?

  5. marifel926

    @gee_itsme it's all Filipino flavored desserts - ube, turon, champorado, etc. they're yummy.