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Showing off one of my other chihuahuas. Her name is Lucy and she is always happy! #chihuahua #chihuahuasofinstagram #chihuahualover #chihuahualife #crohnsdisease #ileostomy #ibd #ibdwarrior #crohnswarrior #petsforhealing


  1. jenbae0420

    You have the cutest pups

  2. agent_crohns

    @jenbae420 thanks my dear! Hey quick "q" what was up with that broad u posted yesterday from SC? What happened?

  3. jenbae0420

    @agntsnake I posted about one today

  4. agent_crohns

    @jenbae420 it was the one about tracydimarcoeps I think?

  5. jenbae0420

    @agntsnake oh her..Lol..She's just a nasty Jersey Girl. Certain things are for social media & she posts this mother image and how women shouldn't show their goodies but she uploads a video of her boytoy husband banging her from behind. Ppl posted to a pic of hers on here just to tell her hey your goodies are uploaded for the world to see so she takes the video down and everyone's warning comments like nothing happened

  6. agent_crohns

    @jenbae420 ah! I see....I have a Snapchat but I'm not a real big fan. I don't see the point of it and people don't send shit back anyways. Don't care for Facebook because of too much drama so I deactivated my account from there. I like it here because of its simplicity.

  7. jenbae0420

    @agntsnake I post to my feed on SC. I don't have time to snap everyone back when they say snap me. Nope. I like taking pics so it's not a lost cause to me. Plus it's rude. And I don't do rude

  8. agent_crohns

    @jenbae420 yeah true I see what ur saying! I guess I'm just not into it!

  9. jenbae0420

    @agntsnake not everyone is and that's okay 👌🏻

  10. agent_crohns

    @jenbae420 I think also that it's an app aimed more towards females than dudes 🤷🏻‍♂️