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One of our favorite images from @30aphotographers of Anna & Jeb 💕 They had just that minute walked down the aisle as #HusbandAndWife 💕 #FloralWreaths #ChurchWedding #ChurchWeddingFlowers #JustMarried #HappilyEverAfter #Romance


  1. cocoonsilkribbon

    Love the placement of those gorgeous floral wreaths!

  2. jubilee_flowers

    @cocoonsilkribbon Thank you! The weather was just too nice last November to leave the doors closed... so we thought that the wreaths would get more notice if placed up above the doorway ☺️

  3. wirtkat

    You guys are the best 💗

  4. heatherhallm


  5. jubilee_flowers

    @wirtkat Awww... gosh! Thank you so much... that means so much to hear 🙏🏼😘

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