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Leave questions in the comments. #ASKFLOYD will reply with answers. .  Follow @ASKFLOYD for more

Leave questions in the comments. #ASKFLOYD  will reply with answers. . Follow @ASKFLOYD for more


  1. hollyblood

    What are the stereotypes most commonly confronted by black men?

  2. vickythebestest

    #askfloyd  what do people think of you as a black man? Being black is a very hard thing today in society, so this is a very important question. 🤔

  3. luluwakx

    #askfloyd  How can we encourage black men to respect and stand up for their women regardless of their dating " preferences".

  4. divincci

    @luluwakx our women have the strongest beliefs on supporting each other. Strong independent women. ( independent to me means by your self ) and there is no other race of women that preach men ain't shit stronger than ours. Not saying there aren't men who need to grow up. But women should know the difference and reverence her king or a king as such. Black men love black women so when we feel welcome we will return the effort. History has turned the black home against itself and it's our job starting as individuals then collectively to change it.

  5. divincci

    Question how many black men do or queens cross without hitting the like button? Is it equal to the love black men show black women with the like button? I'm definitely going to repost this question on my page. 🤙🏾

  6. luluwakx

    @divincci I think it's a cycle. Maybe black women don't necessarily want to be independent but are forced into it. How many men have kids or get married just to leave or deny the kid isn't his? Sadly it is very common, so Independence is a form of survival for many women

  7. luluwakx

    *deny the kid is his

  8. zoe_vogue

    I guess why you see a high percentage (in my opinion) dating white women

  9. divincci

    @luluwakx true everyone is independent until it's time to come together. We must learn when to put that away. And the thing with the children is true but on both sides cause you have good men who can't see their kids cause the ex keeps them from them. The goal should be to love regardless of the circumstances in any way we can. Put away the selfish ambition and just love our people.

  10. divincci

    @zoe_vogue black men love black women and know there's nothing sexier. Unless she's bitter which there is a high percentage of. There's a low percentage of white bitter women. The Bible talks of forgiveness. When you learn to forgive and move on and start with a clean slate and you don't bring all baggage into a new relationship. Just like women wouldn't like to be referred to as crazy because a man dealt with a crazy one before her. So it's not that that would be a blacks man's first choice, but these days it's hard to even get a hello or I contact from a black woman without it being taken in a negative way. So with black man will do is pay attention to the one who actually returned his advances. Black white or other.

  11. c_squad01

    What does it mean to be a black man in today's society? What are all the qualities of a man, in your personal opinion?

  12. luluwakx

    @divincci yeah we should let bygones be bygones and just aim to be better people as individuals. Not only should we do better but teach others by example.

  13. amirah.marie

    Why y'all cheat

  14. ma_name_be_brown

    Why do most of them dont like dark skinned women