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My beloved N. California and S. Oregon is on fire. Took this today at 3:00 in the afternoon when the smoke let up a little to see the outline of the mountains. Siskiyou Mountains.

#norcalhiking , #blmwild 
#mypubliclands , #usinterior


  1. grannydot16

    How sad.

  2. msbird_123

    @grannydot16 Dot..thank you so much for your beautiful words to me on dm. They mean so much and your Have Courage brightened me up to try and pull myself together. Tomorrow the temps finally go way down and even some rain we are all hopeful. In Medford everyone had on masks for breathing and it made me think of seeing pics of the Chinese wearing them for bad pollution. It was even worse up there if you can imagine that..but people are strong and resourcefull like you said. How does that go...and this to shall pass...sayeth the Lord. Thank you for everything..I've felt Malc and you both.

  3. grannydot16

    @msbird_123 There's nothing wrong in saying life can be tough. Admitting that can help others to come alongside is and can be helpful in knowing where we start from. Feeling down is a natural response to hard times. it's remaining there which causes us problems! I know. Big hug. x