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Got my She Hulk the other day. Umm.. I'm not gonna say I hate the figure but she's definitely not one of my favorites... she's just OKAY #SWIPE #marvellegends #marvellegendscommunity #marvellegendscollector #aforce #


  1. figuresofaction

    I know they don't make a lot of figures with that mold but I wish they'd update the hips. That and the arms always look to short to me.

  2. dewdawgreviews

    Hasbro dropped the ball and went with an 8 year old figure and simple repaint.

  3. jason_appleseed

    @figuresofaction for real. I can't believe they still use those old hip joints. I wish they had updated the Ares hips.

  4. fig_probl3ms

    Could've been a tad bit bigger

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