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Summiting "in the shadow of" Denali with @beccapepe

Summiting "in the shadow of" Denali with @beccapepe


  1. merzatta

    Yes!!!! So great, Pepe.

  2. lislepepe

    Love it!

  3. beccapepe

    And the shadow of my finger apparently! I owe you pics!!!

  4. engineerexplore

    @beccapepe your finger-shadow makes the shot. I owe you photos too! Though you surely have all the better shots and co-selfies...

  5. lislepepe

    @engineerexplore I want photos too @beccapepe

  6. _taibhse_

    Yes but /how/ sure are you that one of those was Denali? Because I remember at least one hike with a whole bunch of speculating... 'Maybe that's it...?' ;)

  7. engineerexplore

    Wouldn't have had a clue if it weren't for the detailed diagrams and models at the Eielson center!

  8. rustic.himalayan.adventure

    COOOL. love from the Himalayas 🇳🇵🇳🇵🇳🇵