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SOLD. AUCTION! Got this super rad Black Elvis steal your space pendy by @matthewneebs starting bid of $75. Price includes shipping. PayPal preferred, but also accept venmo and card via square. DM for any questions! ✨🌎🔥


  1. meltingmiindz

    Thanks for starting it off @gaaaav !!!🎉

  2. meltingmiindz

    @luiig92 in the lead!

  3. rainbowfoxylady


  4. meltingmiindz

    @tspratt24 thanks! Outbid!

  5. meltingmiindz

    @2ndcitychef in the lead!

  6. wax__atck_rva_8203

    Damn just scooped one from @matthewneebs...... 🔥🔥🔥🔥

  7. matthewneebs

    @2ndcitychef outbid

  8. meltingmiindz

    @gaaaav @luiig92 @astronaut_extracts @tspratt24 @2ndcitychef @rainbowfoxylady going once...

  9. meltingmiindz

    @astronaut_extracts you won!