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( sold )Probably the coolest vintage wagon I have ever found! And just look at that πŸ’™ patina 😍 Come see in person Sunday at #longbeachantiquemarket  #vintage #antiques #rusty #chippy #wagon #oldtoy #patina #repurposed #salvage #pickin #junkin


  1. ittybittyvintageshop

    @p.a.m.i.dnostalgicpunk such great info... Thank you! 😍😘

  2. p.a.m.i.dnostalgicpunk

    It was made by radio flyer in the mid 70's. mine was yellow and had a flame job painted in the base. It also had cragar mag wheel plastic hub caps.

  3. urban_refind

    Ohhh so cool! That's made for the road!! πŸ’«

  4. rustic_times

    Super cool!! Nice find

  5. kiteandbuckle

    Man, you're my idol! You find the coolest pieces!

  6. ittybittyvintageshop

    @p.a.m.i.dnostalgicpunk really!?!? Any info on it?

  7. p.a.m.i.dnostalgicpunk

    Awesome! I had one !

  8. kimba445

    Very nice πŸ‘πŸ»!

  9. reds_antiques

    Freaking rad!

  10. downhomeantiques

    So cute!! I've never seen this style before!!! Good job!!

  11. diannalynnvold

    Beyond perfect πŸ‘πŸ»

  12. mendezmanor

    That's a great one!

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